Our dc

Our dc

Friday, 1 February 2008

Friday's poem

I was going to post a favourite poem of Jeremy's, but that will have to wait till next week: I saw this on an email list, and thought it was very amusing.


'What's THAT, dear?'
asked the new teacher.

'It's Mummy,' I replied.

'But mums aren't green and orange!
You really haven't TRIED.
You don't just paint in SPLODGES
- You're old enough to know
You need to THINK before you work.......
Now - have another go.'

She helped me draw two arms and legs,
A face with sickly smile,
A rounded body, dark brown hair,
A hat - and, in a while,
She stood back (with her face bright pink):
'That's SO much better - don't you think?'

But she turned white
At ten to three
When an orange-green blob
Collected me.

'Hi, Mum!'


Susanna said...

Ha ha ! I liked that.

Anonymous said...

We like this one too and our eldest knew it off by heart when younger!


Anonymous said...

omg! i read this at an eisteddfod when i was in prep( i was 6) and I can still remember it!